Add new account to onleePass

This page descript how to add a new account to onleepass.

⚠️ If user don’t exist in the domain, it will return an error.

5. Go to more options section

6. Select "Authenticator App"

7. Click "Set up Authenticator"

8. Click "Can't scan it" under the QR code.

9. Copy the code dispayed at the step 2.

10. Click “Next” on the popup

11. Go Back to onleePass and paste the code to the field “2 Steps Key”

12. Click “Submit”

13. The security code is displayed. Copy/Paste this code in the Google Account window 

14. Click “Verify”

15. Once ok go back to onleePass and click “Code OK”

16. Select if you want to reset the password at each signin.

17. Now click “Add”

18. Setup is finished