Administrator installation

Before to start installation

In order to properly works onleePass need first to be installed by an admnistrator. 

We will use the service account to manage the password change if resquested and/or the email recovery change. When you install onleePass from the marketplace the service account will be installed on your domain. 

If you want to restrict capability of the service account the best is to put the administrator that will manage the application and the users in a Google Group. Then you install onleePass for this group. If a new users needs to use/manage the application just add him to the group.

Domain installation

As explained in the section above we assumed you have created a group or not depending yo installation choice.

Go to the Marketplace

First opening

To fincish the setup open onleePass a first time.

Go to :

Thats all, onleePass is installed and you can start to add accounts you want to share. Refer to this documentation for th enext steps : link